part 2

reflective journal


l came to the course on 18/07/2018, although l started late but l study hard everyday and l got used to the course soon. The first day l joined class, l felt excited and passionate because I looked forward to express myself and improve myself. Under the study atmosphere and my professional tutors guide, l improved a lot.

The most interesting and enjoyable part for me on this course is in workshop, such as casting, stitching and metal workshop. Because l haven't tried to make casting before, l always wanted to make my own mould or plaster artworks in the past but now l got the opportunity to achieve it. Also l haven't used so many kinds of metal to create artworks and now l do really enjoy these workshop, just because l felt substantial.

The most challenging thing is always the beginning of every project, in China people said that "The beginning of everything is difficult but sweat can solve everything", l felt confused on the beginning of every project but l worked hard and l always ask questions to my classmates, hence l got ideas quickly. l will do better in the rest of the course.

Come to the Co-create project, l learned a lot and improved much from my partners. Because we have different ideas and opinions on our object and we discussed a lot of times, it is collision of ideas, we could get inspiration from each other and some advantages l don't have but my partners have, some l have but they don't, such as drawing skills, the way of think ideas and our different cultures, we learned from each other so much.

The Celebrating Archway affect my perception of the local area a lot, my given area is Tesco, before I came to Archway l didn't know any things about it and l saw Tesco a lot of times but l have never know about it deeply. But l got this project, l did many researches about Tesco hence l know it more, the history, the uniform and the company's concept. l got inspiration from the local place.

As for the Pechakucha presentation, l was nervous about it because l haven't been do a presentation for a long time. It is a chance to summarize my experiences, my thought and my future trends. l became more confident after l did the presentation but l think l should explain more details of my works and show more experiments.

For the themes, l don't have any ideas, it not means l don't get the ideas. Just currently, l'm still looking for it because l chase perfectionism.

l think l work efficiently, l did many researches and l do reflective every day. Every night, l don't like to go outside to have fun, on weekends as well, l go to gym after class and then l keep working.

l can do plaster making, mould making and l can use some metal machines and some sewing machine which l haven't used before. Also my writing skill has improved because l always ask myself questions and l always give the reasons on my workflow.

When the projects changed, l will asked my classmates and tutors clearly about the project and l prefer work alone because silent can give me more inspiration and ides. Also researches are vere important for me, l can find ideas from them.

My current goals is do my project better and finish the course perfectly, although l was late but l keep working everyday l go to bed at 4 am, l can study harder under pressure. l want to improve my inspiration and contribute my own style on fashion for the next part of the course.

18/06/2018Celebrating Archway


 "Celebrating Archway" is my first project and everyone should go to their location to find five interesting things to develop the project. The location was given to me is Tesco. My concept is use the five interesting sides above all to design the uniform of TESCO. This is my first day to class, l felt so excited and passionate but I was a little confused about what kind of sides are interesting, which one can make my project creative, l have to consider the packaging and color style of these sides. Suddenly, l found rice, donut, wipes, chocolatey mix and cake angels. Here come to the reasons why I think these items are interesting.

For the rice: the word of "RICE" on the surface is transparent, we can see the real rice behind it, therefore I got inspiration from this design. l can make my artwork like this way and I could use other words instead of "RICE". I'm going to make uniform of Tesco hence it is better to use the word "TESCO" on my garments.

Come to the donut, l like the circle shape and it has a lot of colorful grains on its surface but its main color is pink. When l saw donut l think l could change the red of Tesco in pink, it will be creative and not bored.

As the wipes: the wipe can be took out from the packing. Although people feel normal to see the wipe is took out but l think this way is interesting, l could use this way into my garments. For example, l can make the back of my garment like the wipe. Consider the cake angels: when I touch this item, l felt it is very soft and l wanna to follow the feeling to find inspiration. l can make my designs with this light pink style color and l can add cottons on the surface of my garments.

Chocolate Mix: l saw there are three different grains mix together in this item. l want to add some grains on the surface of my designs.

The below is my sketch of uniform. l don't want to follow the traditional way to make uniforms. l want to make fashionable and creative. l used the characteristics of the five interesting things to sketch this garment. l changed the Tesco red and l used pink it is from the item cake angels and the "TESCO" is on the surface of this garment. This is a coat, l have to consider the uniform if it is recycling and easy to wash. What's more l have to think about it can be worn by young people and not only uniform for Tesco.WechatIMG4.jpeg 


22/06/2018Celebrating Archway


Today l designed the final outcome of Tesco uniform. Based on the previous sketches, l decided to improve the first sketch l drew and as my outcome. l believe that the first sketch is the strongest one and it has fresh inspiration hence l improved some details of it and added more new factors, also l drew the final outcome more clear and easy to know. As you can see, l used pink color on the fist sketch but today I changed it to red, because after l drew some sketches and did researches l think the red of Tesco is original cole and it is representative color of Tesco. Therefore I keep the shape of this garment and only changed the color, the more reason l did this way is red color coat can not only attract young people but also more formal than pink color and it is suitable as a uniform. This uniform is easy to wash and has good quantity if I make it out, what's more it is recycling so it is a very comfortable uniform and fashionable. The word "TESCO" l used blue color instead of red, it is Tesco blue. And the back of the uniform is the Tesco slogan: "every little helps", l followed the rice item l bought in Tesco and make this slogan like the rice packaging, it has a transparent fabric on outside, people will see the slogan clearly. l took a photo of my final outcome and added it on photoshop, l tried to use blue and pink color on whole garment to see the visual impact. After l did this l think the visual impact is successful



Today l joined print workshop and learned the new skill. l really enjoy print paintings. This is one of my five handmade outcomes and l call it "Mysterious Alien". These below are my definitions of this "Mysterious Alien".

               WechatIMG2 1.jpeg.1WechatIMG1 1.jpeg

For the color: These two print paintings are opposite color, l used blue and red colors of them because l want to express life and in my mind l think red color represent blood and blue represent water, we know that animals and human beings can not live without blood and water, as my topic is the life in universe hence red and blue color are the best to express my topic. Therefore l decided to use these two colors to make the print paintings.

For the shape: The pattern of these two print paintings are irregular series of curves. l did this shape because l think the cell of life is changing every second and it is ruleless hence l want to make the shape in an irregular curves. 

l'm very enjoy in print workshop because l control a new technology and the process is very interesting, the first step is prepare a empty newspaper and a scissor to cut a shape on it and then chose the print colors l like and crush the color on a glass board then use a tool to die the color on the shape l cut  and put the paper into the machine to print it, finally, the print painting come out. If l have more time l'd like to try more print paintings.



Download video.MP4 [2.21MB]





Today l went to casting workshop and made my own mould artwork. This is one of my five outcomes l call it "The sleeping face in deep sea", l want tell people to cherish our earte resources and express a feeling of abandoned human beings by universe because as my topic is about the lives in the universe, l believe there are a lot of lives which are more advanced than human beings hence if we human don't treasure our earth resources we will be destroyed by the universe sooner or later, look like fall into a deep sea with our technology and nobody knows any more, this is what l want to express. The wrench and screw represent human technology and the mould face is hidden by these tools, the holes on the surface represent sea's corrosion, hence it looks like abandoned human beings in a deep sea for a long time, the surface of this mould artwork is very smooth and l think this visual impact is successful because the real result is what I thought in my mind before l made it out.


The process of making the mould is interesting. The first step is choose tools for the mould such as shoes, glasses, jewelry, screws, wrenches and plaster hand models, face models or leg models, l chose a wrenche, screws and a plaster face model. The second step is find a wood board and put the chosen sides on it and combine them in the shape you like, then use a A2 plastic paper to cover the top of these sides and put them into the mould machine, after about 1 minute, taking it out from the machine and take the sides out from the plastic paper, you will see the shape is on the paper. The last step is making cement and pour it into the plastic paper then just wait it dry, it will take one day to dry. On the second day, when the cement is dry l took it out and my mould artwork is made out at the end. l got the sense of achievement because this is my first time to make a mould artwork, if l have more time l will try to make more and more mould artworks, l think it is really interesting.

03/07/2018 30 quick little drawings


Today, we had a drawing class in the afternoon and we were told to do a creative presentation and our teacher asked us to do is “30 circles”. Each student in the class is given a sheet of paper with 30 circles on it. The aim of the exercise is quantity and speed, not quality. How many circles could each person develop into an object.

Again, it’s difficult for people to work quickly, because they are wary about showing their work if it’s not perfect. With this exercise, perfection is not important, quick thinking is important.

05/07/2018 Fashion sketch training

              WechatIMG20.jpeg                 WechatIMG19.jpeg

Our tutor taught us fashion student a new technology which is print pattern on garments. This skill is very interesting and l did three printing pattern on fabrics as experiment. l chose l one them to upload on reflective journal, as you can see the picture below, this is my first printing pattern today, the color is gold and it is a A4 paper size, l cut a pice from the gold pattern paper and l put it on the surface of fabric. For the process, before l put it into the machine l have to brush glue on the fabric, when it is wet then l pasted the front side of gold pattern on it and l put it into the machine, after 20 seconds l took it out and waited it cool, finally, l ripped the gold paper and the front side pattern is on the fabric successfully. l really like this skill and l can control it expertly now.


05/07/2018 Fashion sketch training


Yes, after yesterday's training l have improved because l said l didn't feel satisfactory about yesterday's quick sketches but today l drew my fashion paintings intently. These fashion drawings are drawn by ink and oil stick l was told to draw six and more fashion drawings on the basis of yesterday's sketches, because l don't like yesterday's sketches(the three drawings on yesterday's reflective journal), hence l decided to develop them, l still used same skills to draw these six models, ink color and oil stick, the main colors are the same with yesterday's sketches which are light blue, deep blue, pink and red. After l finished, l like the visual impact because they are more clear to see the pattern and l got inspiration to draw these sketches, l want to express different garments but in a same my own style.

11/07/2018 Co Create

The object was given today, the whole day class was in Kings Cross's campus. We went to museum in the afternoon and the object of our group is a fabric artwork with a slogan "Clean Me" on the surface. When l saw this object l wanted to touch it to feel the hand feeling but l was reminded that l can not touch it if l don't wear gloves. l was very curious about this object, some questions appeared in my mind such as what is the meaning of "Clean Me"? Why it is "Clean Me" instead of other words? and why the color of this fabric is gray and light gray? 

Before l found out the answers to my questions, in my opinion, l thought the meaning of "Clean Me" is a hint, it hint people to touch it or wash it, whatever the aim of the words is attract people"s curiosity, such as me when l first time saw it l wanna touch it. And for the second question, it is "Clean Me" instead of other words because l think the fabric looks very dirty and old, it should be cleaned. For the color, it is gray because we know that sometimes gray represent dust and l think the author want to express that there are a lot of dust on the fabric and he wants to people to clean it hence he used gray color to show people it is dirty.

After group discussion, we found out the answers of these question, "Clean Me" is a British joke, it usually appear on cars's windows, if the window is dirty some people will write the word "Clean Me" on it hence this object is based on this British joke and the author made it on a fabric that looks dirty like some cars' window.

We know the author made this object based on the British joke, our group decided to create a outcome also based on the joke but we will add our own ideas and we may change the meanings of the slogan "Clean ME", because we don't want to just make a British joke it will be so boring and not creative if we do this we, we would like to give it other stories and other meanings such as some people want to be cleaned, l mean, it is on their mind and spirit not surface. Therefore we will do our outcome creatively and differently.


                WechatIMG25.jpeg    WechatIMG24.jpeg




13/07/2018 Co Create


Today we finished our co create object——Metal Head Ring. We put on my partner Larisa's head to see the visual impact, we do like the effect but we will improve it and repair some details.

Definition: From the object of fabric "Clean Me", l got some inspiration.

"Clean Me" is a British joke from cars' window, if cars' window full of dust, some people would write "Clean Me" on it, the object we got is totally based on this British joke. But if let me to change it and create my own object, l will not just follow the joke to create mine otherwise l will be a joke. Because I don't like follow the traditional way, l like change everything with my own thought in a fashionable way and l want to make our co-create outcome very creative.

Therefore, to my personal opinion, l think there are a lot of meanings of "Clean Me", not only a behavior of cleaning something, it has deep meanings, such as some people with mental problem and they have extreme stress of their life, they are long for calm down and they hope to escape from life hence l seem to hear a voice from these kinds of people "Clean Me", they shout out their hopes, they don't want to be crazy or misunderstand just nobody would like to help them to come back normal life, so in cockles of their heart, they hope to be cleaned, in other words, these people seem like a prisoner with chains. As a result, this is the reason of why we made a metal head ring and its visual impact can give people a feeling of unfree, painful, hopeless and scared, it can express my opinion of "Clean Me" which is l said above.

Only a ring on head is not enough, at the end of today we decided to make two more objects  to band the head ring together. For me, l study fashion menswear therefore l also want to print the words "Clean Me" on fabrics and put on model's body with ours head ring. Because only one head ring with some curve wires, this design is we came up with architecture. l really felt substantial today and tomorrow we will do more and more objects.



A torture device inspired headpiece that shows the dain of a domestic female. The object is a metal item that obstructs basic freedoms of the wearer. The materials are rigid and strong, which aggressively restrain the body and the person's speech. Such as some people with mental problem and they have extreme stress of their life, they are long for calm down and they hope to escape from life hence l seem to hear a voice from these kinds of people "Clean Me", they shout out their hopes, they don't want to be crazy or misunderstand just nobody would like to help them to come back normal life, so in cockles of their heart, they hope to be cleaned, in other words, these people seem like a prisoner with chains. As a result, this is the reason of why we made a metal head ring and its visual impact can give people a feeling of unfree, painful, hopeless and scared.

屏幕快照 2018-07-17 上午9.15.55.png屏幕快照 2018-07-17 上午9.16.38.png屏幕快照 2018-07-17 上午9.17.21.png屏幕快照 2018-07-17 上午9.19.01.png


屏幕快照 2018-07-17 上午9.20.03.png


屏幕快照 2018-07-17 上午9.20.44.png


屏幕快照 2018-07-17 上午9.21.18.png

18/07/2018 PechaKucha

I think my past experiences played a good trick on me. Because whether now or before I want to study BA(HONS)FASHION: FASHION DESIGN MENSWEAR in the University of Arts London, but I didn't have any chance to learn about it in any regular school before. I came to England in 2013 to study Maths, Further Maths and Art in an A-level school. My first year grades were excellent. I got A in Mathematics and Further Mathematics, I thought I could learn about fashion in my A-Level school, but Art course in our school was not in popular demand, l did a lot of self learning all the time. Sadly, a year later, I fell off from a horse's back by accident and got injured seriously, I was almost paralyzed at that time. Then I delayed one year and returned to China to recuperate. After a basic rehabilitation, my family send me to WIFP(Warwick International Foundation Program), my father is a business man and he insisted me on study Mathematics and Economics in WIFP, therefore I didn't have any opportunity to study art and design related subjects any more.

The opportunity came to me in October of 2016, l have to admit that my Maths is really good but I didn't have any talent on Economics, l took this opportunity to talk with my families, l said I really want to study Fashion Design Menswear.

After several twists and turns, finally, l got the opportunity to study fashion design, which is something I wanted since I was a child, l have been independent on deciding what I put on myself, l also tried to make my own clothes, I wore them on myself, it may have looked bad but I was happy, I was aware l didn't know how to do pattern making but I resolved to learn all the required techniques in the future, I would imagine if I am on the street, imaging if I were that person or designer, how would I improve their clothings with my vision, so I hope in the future I can see people wearing my designs and sharing my vision. My biggest hobby is painting. My father is a Chinese painter and a successful businessman and under his influence, I started to learn about painting since I was 8 and I have won numerous awards since I was little. I also like to sketch, and during the process of sketching, I could slow down in my fast-paced life so that I can enjoy every line and mark, the peacefulness of art and its real soul. I am very sure I want to enter the art and design world in the hallowed halls of UAL to further my studies. UAL and its comprehensive art courses and excellent faculty make it honorable in my heart and capable of providing each student who study there with rich resources and excellent platforms for creation. I believe I will benefit enormously and sincerely ask to be considered to become part of the university.

19/06/2018Celebrating Archway



After the artist research of Walter Van Beirendonck (please see the RESEARCH page). l saw Walter's designs are very creative, brave and changeful hence l want to use different skill to build my sketch book with his spirit but my own ideas, such as collage and ink paintings. The skill of collage could help me to develop my designs, l tried to cut the photos of Walter's costume works and I drew the ink painting on it to see the visual impact. After I did that way, l realized that I can sketch a lot of ink paintings by designing garments.

The above are three of the ink paintings l drew, in order to design the Tesco uniform l use three colors on my sketches: blue red and pink. Based on the five sides l found, l told myself to be brave to design garments like the designer Walter Van Beirendonck. l combined the characteristic of five sides and my own inspiration to sketch ink ratings. Because the ink is very difficult to control on the paper if l add much water together but l'm good at Chinese paintings it is similar with ink paintings. l can see the way of the ink going on the paper and l can use pencil to make the ink line more clear then l can make fabrics like these ink line, finally some exaggerated and creative garments will be made out.





                  WechatIMG11 1.jpegWechatIMG12 1.jpegWechatIMG13.jpeg

The project of hand-made has started today and the topic that l found from newspaper is the alien life in universe . Why I'm interested in that topic because I believe that there are a lot of life outside of earth even another me is on other space or other stars. l'm always curious about alien life since I was a child hence when l saw the picture and the title: "A whiff of life on Mars? Scientists close to solving mystery of the red planet" on newspaper l felt excited and l told myself l can do this topic well. We are going to make five outcomes based on the topic we chose. Firstly, l cut the pictures and content from newspaper and l pasted on my sketch book then l tried to use shining color to drew a starry space on my sketch book, as you can see, the visual impact and the result l don't like. The reasons of why l drew starry pattern on sketch book and why l don't feel good about the impact because l want to use the starry pattern on one of my hand-made outcome and it represents universe because when people see it they will know it is about space and my topic is about alien life in universe hence l want to express the color and pattern of universe to highlight the life in universe and the visual impact but after l drew it on sketch book, l saw the effect is bad, here comes two reasons, the first reason is the color was difficult to control and l added so much water on the paper so it made my sketch book very wet, the second factor is the starry color on paper was not creative because it make me very uncomfortable. Every good art works born from thousands of experiments hence l'm not afraid fault. l'm brave.

                               WechatIMG9 1.jpeg

             WechatIMG17.jpeg          WechatIMG10 1.jpeg

Quickly, l went to casting work shop and made a plastic model of fingers it represent the alien life in space. l used rubber gun to pasted the fingers and the tree branch l made on the plaster and I died the starry color on it. The fingers look like climbing out of the earth and giving people a feeling of mystery and hopelessness, l want to express the mystery of universe and l want to people treasure the earth's resources hence l made a fingers model, l didn't make any other part of bodies because the climbing fingers is the strongest to show the visual impact. And l made a circular plaster, scientist said that the universe is a circular so based on this statement l made a small and stable star which is circular shape with starry night, l'd like to express the life of universe and l made a tree branch which is a shape of deer horn, l made this side because plants represent life and provide oxygen, the deer horn represent animals, l want to show people plants animals and human beings form a life system but the surface of my circular star is a starry pattern hence l want to express there is not only earth has human beings animals or plants but also other thousands stars with life in universe, this outcome also means there was a development alien life on other star and people should use their imagination to think some deep meanings....

                            WechatIMG15.jpegWechatIMG5 1.jpeg


                   IMG_6599 2.JPG    IMG_6600.JPG

This is my favorite outcome of handmade project. l call it "UFO In Space".

Today l joined metal workshop and l learned how to use some machines to cut or weld metals in the workshop. When l came to the metal workshop l saw a lot kinds of metals but l didn't know which one is better for me to make my works, change a word to say that l didn't know how to start. l tried to use soft metal linens, hard metals and other different metals but I didn't feel good. Suddenly, when I found stick shaped metals l got inspiration in my mind. Because my draft of this metal outcome is form of straight linens and these linens take shape of triangles. Therefore the stick shaped metals are the best one to make out my draft. First of all, l chose about five 1m stick metals and cut some of them to 50cm, 30cm, 20cm and 15cm then l combined them on the welding machine to form some triangles, this process took me 2 hours because this is my first time to use the machine. Come to the second step, l found a metal wheel as the UFO, same with the first step l combined the "UFO" and triangle stick metals then the outcome is made out.

Why l call it "UFO in space" and why l made this outcome? The answers are coming now. For the first question, UFO is unidentified flying object and it is a representativeness symbol of the outer life in universe, it is very mysterious, l believe that everybody has heard it and we all think it is about aliens, also a lot of scientists did so many researches about it, hence l want to do a outcome about UFO and this outcome is also based on my topic of universe life. To my own opinion, l believe UFO can cross space fast even its speed faster than light therefore I want to express a UFO flying in space. And we know that universe space is unlimited and irregular so l made my outcome in a shape of triangles.




l really enjoy today and l felt very substantial because l went to casting workshop and made out two outcomes, the first one is the mould and the other one is the clay art. As you can see this clay artwork is made by myself, l give it name as "Overlap Of Sky And Sea". The reason is that l want to express a nature life system, we know that our earth is comprised with lands, ocean and atmosphere, ocean covered our earth almost 71%, was the most valued wealth and resource treasury of human beings given by the nature, animals and plants help enable complex chemistry and recycles substances like carbon dioxide and oxygen into the atmosphere, which keeps our earth warm, these three main factors are made up of our nature life system hence for my this clay artwork, l want to express the ocean and atmosphere to show people the life system of earth and it is based on my topic "the life in universe". The color of its surface l used blue and white colors, blue represents ocean and white represents atmosphere. l made it with a curve shape because I see the sea wave of ocean and the airstream in atmosphere is swing.

The process of making a clay artwork is funny, l chose a clay and used a wood stick to strike clay's surface in a suitable thickness in order to put lime on it better, then prepare the lime, l mixed some water, blue color and lime together then l used a brush to brush up the lime on my clay and the final step is just wait it dry. l think l could do better and make the details more perfect and smooth.

           IMG_6504.jpgIMG_6506 2.jpg



04/07/2018 Fashion sketch training

              WechatIMG6.jpeg.1 WechatIMG7.jpeg.1  WechatIMG8.jpeg.1

 Today is a drawing day, different students train different sketches. For me, my deplane is fashion menswear design hence we fashion students were told to draw fashion sketches and draft, we had to do very quick sketches such as draw five sketches in five minutes and use our own technology and spacial tools, for me l'm good at ink sketches, l combined color ink and oil painting stick on my sketches  . l felt very substantial because l haven't trained myself in this way, l think l have improved a lot in this course. These three sketches are very quick sketch on A2 paper, for the first one l hold my phone and the camera faced me then l drew self-painting, l drew a draft first and use a little brush to brushed black color on the draft then l add color ink on it bravely, l think this sketch is better than the other two because the color and pattern is harmonious not mess but the other two are very mess. Come to the rest two sketches, to be honest, l don't like them because l did't draw the draft well, these are not self drawings, l drew my partner on A2 paper and l just spent 10 minutes to finish them, l'm not satisfied on these paintings l drew hence l uploaded them on my reflective journal to encourage myself, l will do better in my spare time.

09/07/2018 Co Create

                          WechatIMG9 1.jpeg.1     WechatIMG8 1.jpeg

                          WechatIMG7 1.jpeg

Today we started a new project which is  named "Co Create", this is a group cooperation project. Our group consists of three persons, Kelly and l. Every person brought 10  items to the group and each 10 object has these following characteristic: 

  • An item that you have owned for more than 10 years
  • Something that signifies home to you
  • A tool that you use foe your work/study
  • A gift
  • An item that you use everyday
  • Something white
  • Something black
  • Food that symbolizes you (to be eaten)
  • An object that you think represents your culture
  • A pair of your shoes

Our group got a book, a fork, a knife, candies, tissues, Chinese tea, a charger, a teddy bear and so on. We put these items together and made it in a row, this can see them obviously. Then we drew a red line under each item, if the item is more important and the red line is longer. From these pictures we can see which object is most important and which one is not necessary. Then we sketched 10 quick drawings of 10 of these items on our sketch book, every drawing finished in 1 minute. Kelly's discipline is fashion women's wear,    is Architecture and mine is men's wear hence we have to think about 10 ideas of changing these items to combine Fashion and Architecture. We came up with 10 ideas:

  1. Structure on the body, straight, curve or edges and corners
  2. Curvilinear
  3. Wire
  4. layer
  5. collage 
  6. Lung until floor (earring)
  7. Knee cap protection
  8. Traditional Romanian (big structure with detail inspired log the traditional pattern) body or just structure
  9. Layout+mixed media
  10. Work from shadows (put items behind light and copy the shape of its shadow)

Based on our 10 ideas, we will build one of them after we get the object on Wednesday.

12/07/2018 Co Create

             WechatIMG26.jpeg WechatIMG27.jpeg.1   WechatIMG28.jpeg 

   WechatIMG29.jpeg.1   WechatIMG31.jpeg.1    WechatIMG30.jpeg.1     

               WechatIMG34.jpeg.2         WechatIMG32.jpeg.1

After we got the object which is the fabric with a slogan "Clean Me". Quickly, our group have made a decision to create a metal head ring with three metal hooks on it, these hooks are for hooking up mouth. The reason of why we made this object, l will write its definition after we finish it.

These pictures are the process of making our outcome. The head ring is about 45cm long and 7cm width, it is made of aluminum, we cut it from a aluminum board. Then we use perforating machine to punch 4 holes in order to fold the aluminum stripe into a ring firmly. After this step, l picked 2 wires and punched two more holes on two sides of the ring and crossed the wires to the holes. Then l bent these two wires in a shape of hooks. So as to wear the ring on head steadily l also add a curve short wire on the top of the ring. For the front, l made a hook to hook up the mouth as well.  

The feelings of making our object together are substantial, happy and fulfilled. We have good unity in our group, and success will be our for the asking. We three persons worked hard and l felt time passes quickly when we are absorbed in making our object. If we met some trouble or we felt confused of some steps, we always solved problems rapidly, such as we chose wrong materials or we could not connect wire with the ring. l really enjoy co create object, because l can learn something l lack from my partners.


13/07/2018 Co Create/2018 Co Create

WechatIMG10 1.jpeg.1WechatIMG9 2.jpegWechatIMG8 2.jpegWechatIMG7 2.jpegWechatIMG3.jpeg.1WechatIMG4.jpeg.1WechatIMG5.jpegWechatIMG6 1.jpeg

Some images of my PechaKucha ppt